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Rongcheng School Link

User needs
Rongcheng City Schools, "School Link" project is the realization of the city of Rongcheng City, an important part of digital is the modernization of the city's education foundation, works planning requirements, Rongcheng City Schools, "School Link" project should be to comprehensively improve the level of education and teaching requirements, quicken the construction speed. Information technology in promoting the modernization of education, realizing leap-forward development for the city's economic and social development high-quality personnel to provide security.
The whole project includes three parts: the Municipal Education Information Network Center, education, network platform, affiliated schools.
Network composition is divided into two parts: Rongcheng City, Metro Networks and the city's education-primary schools in rural central campus network
Architecture: Education metro network to hire the existing broadband fiber-optic approach, Municipal Education Information Network Center and the National Education and Research Network connection; education network platform and directly under the school, rural primary and secondary connections.

Project development is divided into three stages:
1, 2002, from October to November, mainly on the city's primary and secondary school teachers at different levels of training;
In February 2,2002 in 11-2003, built Rongcheng education information network centers;
March-April 3,2003, to complete the school's computer rooms and multi-media classroom and building and construction of the city's network of primary and secondary schools;
On July 4,2003, acceptance, complete Rongcheng City Schools, "School Link" project.

Design Principles
Advanced principles
鈼?The system architecture should be advanced, open architecture;
鈼?the use of advanced network technology, such as network switching technology, network technology, through the intelligent network equipment and network management software on the computer network system of effective management and control, real-time monitoring network operation and remove network failure, timely adjustment and balanced flow of online information;
鈼?advanced modern management techniques to ensure that the system of science.
Practical principles
Practicality is the ability to satisfy the actual job requirements, is that each information system during the construction which must be considered a kind of system performance, it is the basic automation system on the user's commitment, so, from the practical point of view This performance is even more important, in order to improve office automation and management information systems in the system's utility

Scalable, maintainable principle
According to the theory of software engineering, system maintenance in the entire software life cycle is the largest proportion, therefore, increase system scalability and maintainability is to improve the performance of the necessary management information system means

Security principles
A considerable part of the user's data is the user's user secret, especially in the education sector a number of confidential documents, student records, etc., is absolutely important data, so security and confidentiality of the office automation system is particularly important, system design must full account of this. The best server operating system platform based on Unix, NT, OS2, etc., the database can choose Informix, Oracle, Sy base, DB2, etc. This allows the system is based on the C2 security level. By operation of access control, device key, password control, system log monitoring, data updates and other means to prevent the system from strict certificate data is stolen and altered.

Reliability Principles
A daily in large computer systems were relatively large amount of data, the system each time a lot of data to be collected and processed, therefore, the system failure at any one time are likely to cause incalculable damage to the user, This requires a system with high reliability. Many ways to improve system reliability, the general practice is as follows:

Economic Principles
Meet the system requirements in the premise, as far as possible use inexpensive equipment to reduce investment, excellent cost performance of equipment that is used. In short, the lowest cost to complete the construction of computer networks.

Program features
路 Web services: Students can browse through the Web the way online learning;
路 FTP service: FTP server, teachers can download or upload courseware materials;
* E-mail service: teachers and students through E-mail between the sharing of information;
* Video-on-demand service (VOD): Students can watch video on demand at any time before the way teachers teach image;
* Webcast: Lectures on-site IP network through real-time images can be sent to each client, the function of network teaching. These images can also keep a down to future students by way of video-on-demand viewing once again;
鈥?Remote Office: We can achieve distance education network in the key information and secure access to critical applications;
* Video Conference: As the Shenzhou series switches support QoS capabilities can provide video and other real-time business priorities and bandwidth protection, the entire network system can provide good support for video conferencing. Teachers through the system can not out of the office in the conduct of the whole region of the visual conference;
* VoIP: To fully utilize the line / port resources to the internal network IP phones to achieve a cost-effective way. As long as you can by adding IP voice network and the realization of net external voice communications. Digital China Series switches support QoS capabilities can provide voice and other real-time business priorities and bandwidth protection, the entire network system can provide good support for IP phones. Topology


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